Monday, July 19, 2010

On the Move

The all-time leading Home Run hitter in Murph League History has found a new home. Cal Cook, 762 career home runs, found himself on a plane to Scranton this morning and he plans to take the Schrutes and their fans on a joy ride for the rest of his contract.

Shortly after arriving in Scranton, Cook was met by his new GM kdforester. The smile on Cook's face was enough to know he's excited about this chance to move to Scranton. We were able to get a hold of Cook and ask some questions and he continued to express his love for the sport and competition, even after all these years of dominating the league. "This is my 13th season in the Majors and every game, every at bat is as exciting as the first time I faced a major league pitcher. Thankfully, I've been blessed with success and have won pretty much every award imaginable. Well, besides a Cy Young. Maybe I can talk the coaches into letting me throw a bullpen session and see if I can get my 'Babe Ruth' going on."

Scranton (30-17) is currently on a ten game winning streak and Cook expects to make his debut with the club tonight against Iowa City. "I've won two world series but I haven't been on a championship team for 11 seasons. Hopefully I can help Scranton bring in their first championship and who knows, maybe I'll win another MVP award."

Cleveland (26-22) wasn't cut short in their deal of moving the home run king. In order for Scranton to acquire Cook, the Schrutes sent rookie pitcher, Bart Webster and minor league pitcher Bruce Brown to the Burning River.

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